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Åcon4 pråudly presents: å GoH!

September 25, 2009

Yes, it’s official (finally). We are proud to announce that the Guest of Honour for Åcon4 is Geoff Ryman. According to his website:

Geoff Ryman is the author of several successful novels, mostly science fiction. The Unconquered Country (1984) won both the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Award and the World Fantasy Award.
The Child Garden (1989) won the Arthur C Clarke Award and the John W Campbell Memorial Award (First Place). An extract published in Interzone also won a BSFA Award.

I already know Åcon4 will be at least as great as the past Åcons or perhaps even greater due to a brilliant (or even f*cking brilliant) Guest of Honour!

As for other news, the travel thingies are being sorted out as I type this, the initial reservation for the ferry from Turku has been payed and the prices should get more clear before Christmas. The Åcon committee will make a trip to Imagicon 2 – Swecon 2009 and I’m sure the people there will hear about Åcon, if they haven’t heard about it yet!

Oh and if you haven’t noticed: the address is up and you can use it to get to this site! Whee!

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  1. Harri Miekka permalink
    September 25, 2009 17:32

    Great, Great

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