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Travel from Stockholm

March 1, 2010

The prices for traveling from Stockholm have now been confirmed and I’ve added them on the “Travel info” page today. The prices are as follows (please notice the prices are for return tickets, apart form breakfast and

* Deck place 140 SEK/person
* C/E class cabin (max four people), 700 SEK/cabin
* Car 352 SEK
* Breakfast 95 SEK/person (available only on Thursday)
* Lunch 220 SEK/person

The trips have to be paid before the end of March to the Anglemark account or straight to Taimi Tietäväinen.

For those interested in traveling from Stockholm with the group, please contact Jonas Wissting for signing up at If you are taking a car with you, the licence plate number is required!

Please sign up even if you are sharing a cabin and someone else is paying for it! Åcon is getting one cabin for luggage so even if you have a deck place, you can leave your luggage in the cabin.

For more information, check out the Travel Info page.

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