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The program will look something like this. There are a couple of items still not confirmed so there will be some changes. The program was last updated February 28th 2010.

18.00 welcome to the con, introduction of the GoH
18.30 GoH speech
20.00 Workshop: Do Not Disturb sign
21.30 A movie

13.00 Fantastic Friday (recommend a book)
14.00 Fandom – why on earth do we do it??
15.30 Panel about the movie
16.30-18.30 No program (aka dinner break)
18.30 Bheer & books -panel
20.00 GoH interview
21.30 “Never Mind the Buzzaldrins”

13.00 Science Fiction Saturday (recommend a book)
14.00 Some-type-of-gender-related-panel
15.30 Mundane science fiction -panel
16.30-17.30 no programming
17.30-19.30 Banquet
19.30 Whining about modern vampires -panel
21.00 One-hit wonders
22.30 “Cthulhu vs. Mary Poppins”s

12.00 Gripe session
13.00 End of con

If you have any program ideas or wish to be part of the program, please contact us via email (acon (at) or leave a comment here!

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  1. Kisu permalink*
    May 15, 2010 13:50

    Here’s the list of the books recommended on Fantastic Friday:

    Diana Wynne Jones: Tough guide to fantasyland
    Dark Lord of Derkholm / Year of the griffin
    Bob Croshaw: Mogworld
    Maria Turtchaninoff: Arra
    Catherynne M Valentine: Palimpsest
    China Mieville: The City and the City
    Terry Pratchett: Nation / Money
    Arne Dahl: Mysterioso
    Steven Brust: Vlad Taltos books / Phoenix Guard
    Seth Grahame-Smith: Pride and prejudice and zombies / Sense and sensibility and seamonsters
    Markku Soikkeli: Kuninkaantekijät
    Ursula Le Guine: Pimeä lipas / The Winds Four Quarters
    Lois McMaster Bujold: The Sharing Knife series
    Martha Wells: The Wheel of the Infinite / The Element of fire
    James H. Schmitz: Witches of Karres
    Gwyneth Jones: Bold as love trilogy / Rainbow Bridge
    Mervy Peake: Gormenghast
    James Branch Cabell
    Sture Lönnestrand short stories
    Daina Chaviano: Fairy Tales for Adults

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